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It only takes a few minutes to get your own diet plan, and best of all our meal planner does all the hard work for you!

  • We work out your ideal carb, fat, protein and calorie ranges for best results
  • We make it easy to plan tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack meals based on your diet plan.
  • You get access to hundreds of practical meal ideas and recipes hand picked by our certified nutritionist.
  • We also cater for Vegetarians, and have Gluten free, low carb, low fat and low GI meal plans too.

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Would you like to get your own nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor sharing their expertise to help you get results fast?

We provide the next best thing! As a member you get access 24/7 to our library which features:

  • Practical nutrition, fitness and health guides created by our team
  • Video workouts tailored to you.
    Choose from 10 minute home workouts to specific goal oriented gym workouts
  • Ask our team for support in our Q&A sessions

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Studies have found that keeping a food diary can double weight loss. Similar results have been found for weight and activity tracking.

Our easy to use meal planner doubles as a food diary, and you can track your weight, and activity in just a few clicks.

Then share your progress with friends on Facebook, by email, or even on your own blog (and make them jealous in the process!)


Expert & research based

Our methodology is based on hundreds of research papers, clinical trials, and experiments published by leading researchers in their field.

If you are looking for the latest fad diet this is not for you!

Our team consists of a certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer and practicing M.D. As you can imagine, they have decades of experience helping others just like you.


Not just a diet - We're a lifestyle

Thousands have committed to living a healthier lifestyle through My Diet Planr.

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