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The Spanish Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet: What It is and What it Can Do to Your Weight Loss Plans

Most health professionals nowadays agree that cutting back energy from fat sources is one of the best ways to effectively lose some excess weight and most, if not all, believe that adapting a ketogenic diet may cause the development of various diseases. A Ketogenic diet is traditionally used by doctors … Read the rest

Stress and Depression: Culprits of Weight Gain

Having a hard time maintaining a healthy weight? Try reducing your stress level and avoid getting depressed, says the two-phased randomized LIFE study, a study that focuses on maintaining a healthy weight loss after an initial effective weight loss published by the International Journal of Obesity in March 2011.

In … Read the rest

Lack of Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight In Two Ways

Having a hard time getting rid of those stubborn fats? Afraid to gain more weight? Do you want to maintain your present figure? Try sleeping longer.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that lack of sleep can make you gain in two ways. First, since your body is not … Read the rest

If You Want To Keep The Weight Off, Take It Slow

Crash diet doen’t work. You body will eventually realize that you are starving yourself and will only hold off in burning your calories until you give it what it wants.

Drinking diet tea and diet coffee doesn’t work. You only lose water.

Starvation won’t work. You will deprive your body … Read the rest

How Important is Your Breakfast in Losing Weight?

Modern men and women are always on the go, so much so that they tend to skip the most important meal of the day – their breakfast. But do you know that eating a healthy breakfast can truly jump-start your day right and that you can reap so many benefits … Read the rest