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Give Your Metabolism A Boost

Losing weight and keeping it off can be challenging. Most experts agree that lifestyle changes will support long-term success. The rate of metabolism is big factor in determining how fast you lose the weight or how long you keep it off. The higher your metabolic rate, the better success you … Read the rest

Weight Loss Facts and Myths

You have heard it all when it comes to weight loss. You have been given countless advice, several in the form of fad diets when you are trying to lose weight. You know that it takes patience and long term commitment to keep the weight off. However, we as humans … Read the rest

Flat Abs primer: Work smart not hard

You may be on a mission to improve your abs. These simple exercises and lifestyle changes can help you get just that.

Pay attention to your posture

Slouching can cause your stomach to pooch. While standing, align your ears over your shoulders, should over hips, hips over knees and knees … Read the rest

Insider tips to keep the weight off

You have worked really hard and stayed diligently on your weight loss program. You have achieved your weight loss goal and feel very good about yourself. Few months later, you notice that the scale is reading higher and you are gaining the weight back. You deal with frustration and resolve … Read the rest