losing weight without dieting – part 1

Posted by Betsy, 19/04/2012

Can you really lose weight without dieting? At My Diet Planr we are always looking to help you maximise results with minimum effort. Check out how you can really start losing weight without dieting.

Become a slow eater

Set a timer for 20 minutes and convert yourself to a slow eater.  Enjoy each bite and make the meal last until the timer sets off. This way your body will have an opportunity to release the satiety hormones, reducing overeating habits.

Don’t steal from your sleep

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can trigger hunger hormones, causing you to eat extra. Sleeping an extra hour a night could help a person drop 14 pounds in a year, according to a University of Michigan study. Sleep extra may replace other activities such as watching TV and munching on chips.  Getting enough sleep will help you control your hunger.

Eat more veggies

Have additional serving of vegetables instead of the standard one and you will eat more veggies without really trying. Help yourselves to an extra serving of veggies for your seconds. Greater variety tricks people into eating more food and eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to lose weight. The high fiber and water content fills you up with fewer calories.  Eat them raw or steamed, rather than fried or cooked with fat.  Beware of salad dressings and dips.

Have more soups

Cut back some calories by having a broth based soups before your meal time. You will fill up and consume smaller portions. Soups such as tortilla soup, minestrone, Chinese won-ton are good choices. Watch out for the creamy soups – they can be high in calories and fat.

Whole grains are in

Choose whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat and they will help you with the weight loss. Being higher in fiber, they improve your cholesterol level and fill you up providing fewer calories.

Keep your eye on the prize

Place your skinny jeans or a dress that is a little snug where you see it every day. This keeps you motivated to stick to your diet and you can reach the goal. Once you get there, take out last year’s dress that you want to wear. Set yourself small attainable goals.

Save your calories for eating

Watch your beverage intake. Replace one calorie filled beverage with a non caloric beverage each day until you are all your beverages are calorie free. Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Add lemon or mint for flavoring. Limit alcohol intake. When an occasion includes alcohol, follow the first drink with a nonalcoholic, low-calorie beverage like sparkling water instead of moving directly to another cocktail, beer, or glass of wine. Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram and also loosens your determination leading you to eat more.

Eat at home more

Home cooked meals are more portions controlled and have fewer calories when compared to their restaurant counterparts. Think easy and quick meals with four or less ingredients to start out and then work your way towards more complicated meals.

Make sure to check in next week for the second part of this series.

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    Comment by Pamela, April 23, 2012

    These eating tips are a bit peculiar, such as timing yourself, but when you think about it, it does make sense because if forces you to be mindful of how fast you are eating. I guess this is good for those who tend to suck their food down in a hurry. This is a childhood habit that some people have. But the most sensible tip is to eat whole foods which have lots of fiber.

    Comment by John, April 23, 2012

    Eating this way to me constitutes a diet so how can you say you are losing weight without dieting? You have some really good tips here but to me it is still a diet even though you are eating a lot it I what you are eating that is the diet. Thank you for posting this, I will have to give these things a try. Great article by the way.

    Comment by Chris, April 24, 2012

    Thanks for your thoughts, John you’re right this does make the list sound like a bit of a diet : ) But one you can definitely implement without drastically changing the foods you eat.

    @ Pamela, you would be surprised as to how many people actually don’t think about what they are eating at the time. The result is that they eat mechanically, instead of listening to their body telling them they are full.
    Also remember that there is a slight delay between being full and feeling full. So if you eat quickly, you run a high chance of over eating.

    Comment by Mary, April 24, 2012

    I agree with John, I don’t care what you call this it is a diet. The whole timing yourself and things is as bad if not worse than counting calories. I know it takes 20 minutes for it to register that you are full but what are you supposed to do eat half of your meal then wait twenty minutes to see if you want the other half (which is cold now).

    Comment by Rodrick, April 24, 2012

    Chris, I think that people not thinking about what they eat and scarfing it down so quickly comes from society and the work force. If you’re only given 30 minutes to eat your lunch you are going to wulf it down as fast as you can so you can get back to work. Therefore you don’t think about what you are eating it is just pick up the fastest thing which is usually a burger.

    Comment by Jordan, April 25, 2012

    Mary, to a point you can call this a diet yes, but it is also a way of life. You aren’t doing the timing thing and counting calories for ever they are just training tools to re-teach you how to eat properly. After a little while and the tools start to work you modify your life to make the change permanent. If you think about it that way then it isn’t a diet after all.

    Comment by Ruby, April 25, 2012

    Rodrick, That is a very good point. Society complains about people being to fat yet they are the ones that make them eat as fast as they can in order to get a lunch. I say if Michelle Obama wants to help the obese she should not only start in the schools but in the work force as well, see what they are offering in the cafeterias there. Or how fast you have to eat.

    Comment by Kathy, April 30, 2012

    I think that is a perfect way to look at this approach Jordan. It may start out a diet but it doesn’t stay that way. Once you have re-trained your body to eat the way it is supposed to you will reach your optimal weight for your body naturally. Plans like this are supposed to keep you from getting to skinny. Great content and the readers had some great questions as well.

    Comment by Rena, April 30, 2012

    You know why I hate the word diet? I hate it because like Jordan said it isn’t a permanent thing. If you could lose weight and have it just stay off no matter what the whole world would be skinny. I absolutely hate those people that eat all the junk, sweets they want and don’t gain a pound. How is that, what do they have the average person doesn’t? And how do I get it?