high-fat diet-induced obesity: a risk for decreased sperm motility?

Posted by Jocelyn, 26/03/2011

If you happen to be an obese male patient who has been visiting your physician for several months without apparent improvement in your sperm mobility, chances are you have an obesity-related infertility problem. Obesity may have a direct effect to the decreased fertility of adult male patients, suggests a new study published in the March 2011 issue of the Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology.

Obesity is a rapidly-rising epidemic that affects children and adults worldwide.  Several studies reveal the relationship between obesity and sperm motility and infertility, however, up to this day this issue remains too controversial. Thus, the researchers of this study aimed to look deeper into the  possible effects of a high-fat diet-induced obesity to the male reproductive system.

The researchers of this study learned that high-fat diet-induced obesity may really have a direct negative effect to the sperm quality of male patients. However, all other sperm parameters may be left unaffected. The decrease motility of the sperm, in turn, may decrease the fertility potential ability of a male individual.  However, further clinical investigations and workups are necessary to further establish this fact.


Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology; Diet-induced obesity in rats leads to a decrease in sperm motility; Fernandez, C.D. et al.; March 2011

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